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Shree Ram Nawami
Lord Rama is regarded as another incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Nepalese, therefore, have deep belief and extreme faith in him. His strength, courage, purity of heart, compassion, sweetness of speech, serenity and abiding wisdom made him the favorite idol of his people.

His life story is told in the much beloved epic- the "RAMAYANA". Before the birth of Sri Ram, the world was under the reign of an evil and fiendish demon king Ravana. Ravana had pleased Lord Brahma, who bestowed on Ravana the boon that no God or demon could kill him. This gave Ravana immunity from everyone except a mortal man. Thus, to save the world from evil, Lord Vishnu took birth as Ram in the city of Ayodhya.

King Dasharath, who ruled over Ayodhya, had one misery - his three queens bore him no sons. Lord Vishnu gave them nectar to drink, and soon the eldest produced Ram, the next gave birth to Bharat and the third had twins, Lakshman and Shatrughana. All four of them became exemplary youths but it was Ram who grew in grace and virile beauty.

Another king Janak, who ruled over Mithila in southern Nepal, had a beautiful daughter called Sita. When she was about sixteen Janak held a great tournament wherein it was announed that the one that onw ho could string the divine bow of Lord Shiva would win the fair Princess Sita's hand. Princes and kings from far and wide tried to do it but all failed. But Lord Ram not only curved the bow but also snapped it in two. Thus, Lord Ram won the hand of Sita, who is regarded as the most exalted epitome of womanhood- beautiful, pious, loyal, gentle and modest.



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